Online PT – During the recent pandemic where many of us were on lockdown and unable to go to the gym or exercise efficiently, I found a solution and was able to continue delivering effective PT into my clients’ homes via Online personal training.

“Completed my first Online PT session with Mike today. Same attention to detail, same intensity of workout, same result – let’s go again!!”
Andy B

“Online PT isn’t so different from face-to-face sessions and there’s a lot of real time feedback on form and technique which is important to avoid injury”
Ben S

“I couldn’t recommend it more. It was so convenient to be able to spend my lunch break at home training with Mike. I set up the iPad in the garden and had a great workout in the sunshine!”

How online PT works.

Online personal training works in exactly the same way as if I were there with you face to face. You’ll receive the same level of motivation and encouragement, along with advice and exercise techniques to ensure that you are working out safely and effectively.

All while maintaining social distancing.

During the pandemic, exercise and keeping active was highlighted as being more important now than it ever has been. It is a key requirement to help you maintain a healthy immune system and a sound state of mind.

All you need for a great workout is some space, Wi-Fi and a device that you can make video calls from. A smart phone, tablet or computer/laptop are all perfect.

I’ve found that Zoom is the most effective method for training and it can be used on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Any exercise equipment that you have at home, even filled water bottles or rucksacks, can be built into the session. Even if you have no equipment, I have lots of bodyweight exercises that will get you fighting fit and feeling stronger in no time.

Online PT really works.

During the challenges of the recent pandemic, I’ve seen how well Online PT works! We no longer need to be near each other for me to offer you a great personal training session. I can deliver sessions to people just like you, all over the country and even globally. How cool is that?

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