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Choosing the right personal trainer is a key decision in helping you reach your health & fitness goals. Here are some of the kind reviews my lovely clients have posted on Google to help you decide.

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“Massive Health Benefits”

Results exceed expectations…

“The results that I’ve achieved with Mike have, and continue to exceed my expectations. It’s great to have his wealth of expertise on hand. He always gets maximum effort with his professional, inspirational and fun approach.”
Andy B
I’ve seen massive health benefits…

“I was the last person who thought he would ever take up personal training. However, I met Mike some years ago and have been training ever since. He is a really nice person and pushes and encourages you in equal measure and the sessions are varied and interesting. I have seen massive health benefits and could not imagine the week without PT now. I would totally recommend him and the PT sessions he offers.”
Nigel M
– Romford
I have never been in such great shape…

“I’ve been working with Mike for over a year now and have never been in such great shape. The sessions are varied and Mike is extremely enthusiastic, making working out seem much more fun than it truly is!!! He has an excellent variety of equipment and caters to all your needs, I could not recommend him highly enough. So if you need to tone up or simply improve your fitness levels do not hesitate to get in contact with Mike – the sooner you start the quicker you reach your goals”
Lucy U
– Brentwood
Would definitely recommend…

“An extremely experienced personal trainer who listens to your needs and caters the session accordingly. I’ve been training with Mike for more than seven years now, he brings all his own equipment to the PT session and pushes me hard to to achieve results. I would definitely recommend him.”
Reshma W
– Brentwood

Great results!

Helped me get fit and stay fit!

“Mike has been my PT since having my first son 7 years ago. He has helped me get fit and stay fit! I’ve since had another baby and he adapted all the workouts whist I was pregnant and subsequently. It has been so convenient to me that he comes to my house with all the fitness equipment. I know I could never feel as fit and strong just working out by myself at the gym. I have recommended him to all my friends and family. If you want to improve your fitness and tone up I would not hesitate to book a session!”
Anusha C
– Romford
Helped improve my knee stability…

“Mike is a fab trainer, challenging yet very supportive & patient! I really enjoy our sessions, despite sometimes really not feeling in the mood to train – he pushes me and makes the sessions fun which really helps. I had a knee injury and attended physiotherapy, Mike was really helpful during this time at adapting our sessions and helping me work on different muscles to improve my knee stability.”
Michelle T
– Hornchurch

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Endlessly positive…

“Mike is an amazing trainer. He always pushes harder and even when you don’t believe you can do more, somehow you do. I frequently turn up for sessions feeling tired and by the end I am always amazed by how much we achieve. He’s a tough trainer and a lovely person who is endlessly positive.”
Sue S
– Romford
Army fitness test…

Started fitness sessions to get fit for my army bleep test. Found the sessions through google and Mike really helped me achieve what I wanted. I recently did my test and scored nearly 2 levels above what was needed and that’s thanks to the fitness sessions.
George C
– Romford

“Always Fun”

Always fun…

“I always look forward to a training session with Mike, whatever the weather. It’s always different, it’s always hard but it’s always fun. I love how enthusiastic Mike is even when put up against my complaints. I wouldn’t have worked out while travelling if it wasn’t for the exercises and advice he gave so I just couldn’t recommend him more as a trainer.”
Alice G-K
– Brentwood
I’m much stronger all-round than before…

“I started a programme with Mike to get my knee strengthened ahead of surgery. Post-op the physio was amazed at my quick recovery as a result, so of course I carried on! I’m much, much stronger all-round than before the op and most important of all, really enjoy Mike’s customised approach. Always something new each session.”
Jan S
– Brentwood
Supportive and encouraging…

“Mike is really supportive and encouraging and knows his stuff! I’ve always enjoyed work-outs with Mike and he works with you to help you achieve your goals! Highly recommended!”
Katherine G
– Romford

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The most amazing PT…

“Mike is the most amazing PT, he is very patient and always has new ideas so you don’t get bored and stay motivated. He pushes you to achieve more than you realise you can! Highly recommend.”
Michelle D
– Romford
Encouraging, supportive and fun PT…

“Mike is an attentive, encouraging, supportive and fun personal trainer. He gets the level of training and motivation just right. Whatever your levels of fitness (I’m 58) he adapts a routine to support your style. I can not recommend Mike more strongly.”
Simon S – Brentwood

“Professional and Reliable”

Great encouragement…

“Mike is a great Personal Trainer. He’s trained me for about 3 years and I wouldn’t think for a moment about changing. He gives great encouragement during sessions and always follows up a few days after if we tried something new to check if I’m sore and need advice about stretches and recovery. I would say Mike’s ‘out of hours’ contact is one the reasons I enjoy working with him. I occasionally train with my kids (10 and 13) and Mike is brilliant with them. The sessions are so well scaled so we all finish tired but happy.”
Ben S
– Billericay
Professional, and reliable…

“Mike is very helpful, pushing you further than you will push yourself. He is really professional, and reliable. It’s never the same work out, and he is very adaptable. He really knows what to do to get rid of the various aches/pains I seem to have, and suggests exercises to help throughout the week to help relieve them.”
Becki S
– Hornchurch
Varied, and focussed…

“Mike makes sure the sessions are always varied and focused on your needs. He works with you to help you achieve your goals and targets. While he works you hard he never pushes you beyond what you are capable of”
Vince H
– Romford

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Pushes me in a very motivational way…

“I always really enjoy my training sessions with Mike, he pushes me to go over the limits in a very motivational way. Would highly recommend his expertise.”
Emma B
– Hornchurch
Always leave feeling great…

“Really enjoy my training sessions with Mike! I don’t always feel very motivated to exercise if I have had a busy day or if it’s really cold outside – but always leave feeling great! The sessions can be hard work but also great fun!”
Laura N
– Rainham


Totally worth it…

“Mike is really good and I really enjoy his workouts. The sessions are fun and hard work but totally worth it.”
Isha J
– Harold Wood
Core strength and flexibility improved considerably…

“Mike does sessions that are well tailored to my needs. He’s flexible on times which is really helpful. I’ve worked with him now for about 6 months; my core strength and flexibility have improved considerably as a result.”
Adrian C
– Brentwood
Exercises for back injury…

“I am really enjoying my PT sessions with Mike – he is an excellent trainer! He has tailored the sessions to suit my back injury and he knows exactly what exercises I should be doing to get better. I’m looking forward to getting my next block of sessions booked in.”
Charlotte V
– Brentwood

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